KPIT Technologies, one of the fastest growing global IT consulting and product engineering partners, is focused on co-innovating domain intensive technology solutions for corporations specializing in automotive and transportation, manufacturing, and energy and utilities. A leader in technology solutions and services, KPIT currently partners with 200+ global corporations including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), semiconductor companies and Tier 1 companies.

Software being the core component of KPIT’s business processes, KPIT decided to strategically manage their software assets. This not only supports, but also enhances daily business activities.

An effective SAM plan helped KPIT control the following risks:

  •  Compliance – Non-compliant environment leads to mismanagement and chaos
  •  Financial – Heavy monetary penalties could be levied in case of over-deployment or license infringement
  •  Legal – Third-party software reviews have huge legal implications
  •  Reputational – Noncompliance and penalty paid negatively affects the goodwill of a target firm

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