The Verafirm Registry is a Web-based, simple tool that helps companies manage their software and efficiently document its licenses. Through a simple, four-step process, organizations can declare their software on Verafirm and become recipients of the Verafirm Registered badge.



Here is how to get started:

  • Signing up is simple: Create an account by filling out a short form here. Keep in mind that an executive from your organization will have to validate the account after it is created.
  • Identify your software and document your licenses: Choose from a guided or self-directed experience to enter your inventory of software vendor products and licenses onto Verafirm. You can also choose to use our custom template to import your existing records directly using our upload feature. An upcoming feature on Verafirm will allow you to use a software discovery tool to scan and identify all of the software in your environment and automatically upload the details onto Verafirm.
  • Attest to your declaration: Once all relevant software and licensing information has been entered, the account executive will need to attest to the software declaration. Upon completion of this simple step, organizations will be awarded Verafirm Registered status and can begin to display their badge.
  • Manage your software: To gain the most benefit from Verafirm, organizations should actively update their information when new software purchases are made. In order to maintain the Verafirm Registered badge, organizations are required to renew their account and update their declaration at least once every 12 months.

Take the Next Step: Verafirm Verified

How It Works

  1. Enroll in Verafirm Registered and achieve Registered status
  2. Request and clear an audit of software licenses
  3. Earn Verified status upon successful audit completion

For more information about Verafirm Verified please fill out a inquiry form here.