Software asset management (SAM) programs help organizations track and optimize software usage – eliminating unnecessary spending. Verafirm provides a simple, secure, online software asset management (SAM) tool to organize software licenses and avoid the risks associated with unauthorized software, including malware and penalties resulting from software publishers’ audits. Companies using licensed software are viewed as safe, fair and trusted business partners.

Organizations that achieve Verafirm Registered declare they use properly licensed software and automatically qualify to become part of the Global list of Verafirm companies – an increasingly important reference point for customers in integrated supply chains.


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Verafirm Registered companies that upgrade to Verafirm Verified enjoy the added benefit of having their SAM program evaluated by an independent Assessor.



The Verafirm Advantage Global recognition:

Verafirm Registered companies are recognized in the global market as committed to IT governance.

Intuitive online tool

Verafirm SAM tool provides easy registration of software licenses with live customer support available along the way. The tool also features software balance sheets, license expiration alerts and accessible dashboards – making it easy to monitor and maintain software inventory.

Business connections

Verafirm Registered organizations automatically join the Global List of Verafirm Companies – the only global registry of software-complaint companies. The registry connects buyers and suppliers around the globe. Discover all the benefits Verafirm SAM tool has to offer – get started today.