Reduce Risk, Sustain Compliance

Verafirm certifications are awarded to enterprises whose software asset management (SAM) programs are best in class, meeting benchmarks established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Certification demonstrates that your SAM practices are world-class. Aligned to the ISO 19770-1 SAM standard it provides you with standardized benchmarks to implement and measure the effectiveness of your SAM program. Additionally, leading software publishers offer a two-year audit forbearance to all Verafirm Certified companies giving you confidence and assurance in your program.


 The Verafirm Certified Advantage

  • Return on investment: Optimizing software usage to the needs of your business increases efficiency and saves you money.
  • Audit forbearance:  Leading software publishers trust Verafirm Certified and will refrain from auditing your company for two years.
  • Assurance: Knowing that your SAM program adheres to international best practices and that you’re getting the value you should from your software.
  • Global Recognition: Certification distinguishes you in the marketplace, and demonstrates that you are best in class with ISO-aligned SAM.

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