Agile companies use software asset management (SAM) to maximize software investments, improve bottom lines and boost operations efficiency.

Verafirm makes SAM simple – helping organizations of all sizes understand, manage and certify their SAM programs.

Verafirm provides SAM certification, education, and administration tools that are based on benchmarks set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), backed by the software industry and confirmed by industry experts. Companies that use the Verafirm SAM tool or become certified also expand their business network as they automatically become eligible to be part of the Global List of Verafirm Companies – an increasingly important reference point for customers interested in doing business with ethical companies.

Learn more about Verafirm’s suite of SAM products, tailored for the enterprise (Verafirm Certified), the small to medium enterprise (Verafirm Registered), the supply chain (Verafirm Supply Chain) and the individual (Verafirm Professional).