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  • IMPI strengthens the legitimacy of its information management with BSA’s Verafirm certification
  • IMPI is the only administrative authority in the field of intellectual property in the world that has the certification of the legality of their computing platforms.
  • IMPI validates and reveals the use of legal software with the Verafirm certification.

Mexico, D.F. February 25, 2015. Today, BSA endorsed the certification of the legal use of software by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI, Spanish acronym), and provided the Institute the Verafirm certificate which demonstrates its information management.

It is a process that sets precedents worldwide, since IMPI is the only administrative authority in the field of intellectual property that proved the legality of its computing assets, making it in an avant-garde institution.

This is the Institution’s second certification after fulfilling a software audit that, on this occasion, through Verafirm, contains a stronger process that allows validating the standardization of computer management and the transparent use of legal software for the Institution.

Verafirm is a comprehensive system of information and software management practices based on ISO standards that enables organizations to carry out their own audits on their computer goods; it includes certification of software processes and it is a public information platform so that entities can show their software asset management.

The audit and certification on the legal use of software assets in government agencies is part of the “Example starts at home” program that BSA has undertaken in Mexico with the objective of showing and strengthening the exercise of initiatives against piracy of computer software.

This initiative is part of the actions carried out by BSA, along with the authorities, to achieve for the country to maintain the reduction trends of the use of illegal software that it has had since 2006.

The audit carried out at IMPI processed the entire information of the software contained in a platform of 1,075 desktop computers, 63 laptops and 47 physical and virtual servers.

According to BSA’s global studies, Mexico has reduced its piracy rates from 65% in 2005 to 54% in 2013.



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