BSA and ANDI Sign Collaborative Agreement to promote a culture of legal software use

WASHINGTON October 31, 2013BSA | The Software Alliance, the leading global advocate for the software industry and ANDI, the National Association of Colombian Business Owners (through its representatives BPO&IT), today announced the signing of a collaborative memorandum of understanding agreement to promote a culture of legal software use in Colombia through the technological solution known as Verafirm.

Verafirm is an effective online system that helps companies register and manage their own software assets. The tool, which was developed in consultation with software publishers and compliance experts, serves also as a reference for buyers looking to use and maintain an ethical supply chain.

“The introduction of Verafirm in Colombia will help registered Colombian businesses get ahead in the global supply chain, as more and more multinational corporations will only work with organizations that have a high standard of ethics and compliance,” said Jodie Kelley, Vice President of Anti-Piracy and BSA General Counsel.

Alongside BSA representing ANDI was Executive Director of ANDI Santiago Pinzon Galan, and Alejandro Pardo, Executive Representative from Proexport Colombia.

Many companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, are interested in learning about their licensing terms and maintaining accurate license registries.  Verafirm meets this challenge by giving its users a way to personalize their IT system.  The standard Verafirm declarations form not only provides a platform from which to achieve the requirements as stated by law, but also helps businesses maintain their software compliance while optimizing their software.

BSA believes that its alliance with ANDI, which currently represents businesses that account for 40% of Colombia’s GDP, will serve to create understanding and awareness behind Verafirm and facilitate the achievement of legal requirements as specified in Law 603.

“We are celebrating this strategic alliance with BSA because it is an effective tool to increase competitiveness and foster a culture of protection of intellectual property across all industries.  Verafirm is a non-profit endeavor supported by major software publishers that will play an important role in providing our members with the technological solutions that help create a safe and legal business environment,” said Santiago Pinzon Galan, Executive Director of ANDI.

“As an organization working with global companies and supply chain partners on responsible business practices, we applaud the alliance between BSA and ANDI. In our work, we have seen that supply chain companies that embrace IP protection programs view it as a competitive advantage in the global marketplace,” said Pamela Passman, President and CEO, Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade,

Executives may easily become a Verafirm Registered company by providing accurate software license information through a user-friendly online tool. In doing so, their companies will provide future partners with the peace-of-mind that their business operates with integrity.

Verafirm – Smart, Simple, Efficient


About BSA

BSA |The Software Alliance ( is the leading global advocate for the software industry. It is an association of more than 70 world-class companies that invest billions of dollars annually to create software solutions that spark the economy and improve modern life. Through international government relations, intellectual property enforcement and educational activities, BSA expands the horizons of the digital world and builds trust and confidence in the new technologies driving it forward.

About ANDI

The National Association of Colombian Business Owners is a non-profit organization whose principal objective is to promote the economic, social and political principles of a free market system, based on beliefs which include human dignity, democracy, social justice, as well as private property and liberty. 

ANDI is made of 1,300 businesses from 28 different economic sectors from areas including manufacturing, finance, mining, healthcare, agriculture, and services, among others, representing approximately 40% of Colombia’s GDP. 

As a representative of the interests of the private sector, the National Association of Colombian Business Owners assumes representation of its members before national and international institutions, and deals with economic, legal, social, environmental, as well as business issues.


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