Verafirm launched in Vietnam to help businesses manage software assets and improve competitive positioning in the international markets

Hanoi, Vietnam, August 29, 2013

BSA | The Software Alliance, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, today unveiled its latest Verafirm online portal in Vietnam. Verafirm is a simple, smart and effective online system that provides companies with a tool to register and manage their own software assets. Verafirm also serves as the only global registry of companies and a reference for buyers looking to use and maintain an ethical supply chain. Verafirm was developed in consultation with major software publishers and experts. Logging on to the system, companies will find it very easy to administer their software and maintain proper records of their purchases. The simple, convenient and user-friendly design of the system takes corporate users through four easy steps to become a Verafirm Registered company:

  • Set up a company account by a company executive
  • Choose to appoint a manager for software registration
  • Enter company software license information
  • Attest to the completeness and truthfulness of data declared by the executive

With its unique advantages, Verafirm not only helps companies in Vietnam simplify software asset management, but more importantly, helps them increase competitiveness through the effective use of information technology. Verafirm Registered companies will receive a seal of assurance that will be a testament of their compliance and respect for intellectual property laws and subscription to good work ethics. “The use of original software will mean better internal efficiencies and control, which ultimately results in quality products and deliveries,” said Mr. Tarun Sawney, Senior Director, Antipiracy – Asia-Pacific.

BSA also acknowledged the substantial support it has received from the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi, and its continued promotion of strong intellectual property rights (IPR) protection in Vietnam.

“We applaud BSA for bringing together companies and harnessing their collective know how to address the industry-wide issue of IPR violations,” said U.S. Embassy Hanoi Economic Counselor Laura Stone. “Verafirm is a non-profit endeavor supported by major software publishers that will safeguard and advance U.S. business interests in Vietnam and play an important role in protecting intellectual property rights, a Mission Vietnam priority.”

“BSA believes that Verafirm will play an important role in software intellectual property rights protection, help improve the credibility of the Vietnamese exporters to the U.S. market, and create a better business environment for foreign companies operating and investing in Vietnam,” added Sawney.

Verafirm – Smart, Simple, Efficient

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