BSA members and partners offer a wide variety of research and documentation to assist in demonstrating the value of software asset management and institutionalizing best practices.

An Inconvenient Reality: The unaccounted consequences of non-genuine software use This white paper details the significant information security implications for corporations deploying non-genuine software.
Software asset management — a key to infrastructure optimization This research paper shows how good software asset management can reduce costs and create efficiency within a company.
Software Asset Management: Mitigating Risk and Realizing OpportunitiesThis white paper discusses the benefits of implementing effective software asset management focusing on IT, compliance and enhanced risk management.
Recognizing the True Value of Software Assets The authors point out how efficient and effective management of software assets can improve a company’s marketability.
Genuine Microsoft Products vs. Pirated Counterparts
This white paper compares licensed Microsoft users with unlicensed users of Microsoft products, ultimately finding that licensed users had advantages in security, performance and power consumption.
SAM helps CIOs get ahead This article details how good software asset management can be an advantage to CIOs.